Uber Millennials (think hipsters, anti-mainstream, freaks for vintage) are trying to escape the boundaries that the economy as foisted on their generation by opting out of the Rat Race paradigm and embracing downsized debt and upgrades to passports!  Despite being the largest and best-educated generation in the country, the average millennial has a grand total of $0 in savings!Unsurprisingly, matters are categorically worse for millennials of color. That being said the demand for social responsibility and identification of who stands for what will grow, particularly when it comes to powerful corporations. It is essentially the impact of technology and social media that helped changed social aspects and desires! Millennials are aware that their politicians have sold out there future and are trying to trap them into the lifetime debt and anxiety that their parents suffered through and they aren’t having it. The technological advances that have directed the millennial zeitgeist include the  advent of solar power as a viable replacement for nuclear and fossil fuels. Despite the push to slow down the energy revolution the bulk of new energy investments globally is in this area and the death knell of fossil fuels can only be slowed not halted. The internet and the wide array of social media that crosses international boundaries has emerged as a force to be reckoned with and no amount of governmental influence has been able to stop this even in areas as closed off as North Korea the movies and television shows of the world have found their way across those bomb laden borders often by balloon! Tiny house living and homesteading is consistently on the rise as millennials choose to opt out of lifetime debt and own land with which they can build their own dreams and up-size as they go through life. Gardening has grown and a new passion for planting fruit trees in urban settings a’la Johnny Appleseed has city planners up in arms citing the many perils and difficulties that fruit trees would cause. Which include a need to hire people to care for and nurture them as well as pick the fruit of the trees, to avoid potential law suits from falling fruit and slippery sidewalks. Many communities are opting to community orchards for this reason where families and homeless can pick fruit for free and community events like seasonal bake-offs can occur. Millennials believe quality of life should not be defined by bank accounts, but by thinking outside of the box or maybe… tearing the box apart!Speaking of Uber 93 % of Millennials polled that they were not planning on giving up Uber any time soon in fact Millennials voted Uber “the most improved brand” of 2017. Though it may seem so to the outsider Millennials do not exist  in a culture of instant gratification. When we want to fix something, with the click of a button we usually have a solution but no one is so naive to believe the world is like that and the world’s problems won’t be solved by politicians who are owned by big corporations or armies who are funded by the same corporations but by people who take their support and belief away from the corrupt and instead communicate directly to each other embracing new ways and ideas that actually help everyone instead of a few at the top.

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