Scentbird Monthly Perfume Subscription Box sells Designer Scents from $14.95…

Millennials have changed the fragrance industry. For millennials the hard sell or the repetitious commercials aren’t able to move them to buy. In the age of quicktime lifetimes most under 40’s choose to purchase their colognes and perfumes by subscription like Scentbird offers or create their own unique fragrances. Not only has the way scents are bought been changed but their application is now as unique as the fragrance so they offer a unique experience to the buyer, and as we all know its about the experience.The latest popular scents come in solid, balms, hand held sticks sticks, roll-ons, oils, and portable wipes.Kabuki Perfume Powders, collection consists of three scent applied with a soft brush.

If you are a woman who wants a fragrance of subtle character with woody notes the east coast millennial prefers the street-savvy feminine musk of Le Labo Rose 31. For the sweethearts in our lives a fragrance that has kicked down the front door when it comes to eclectic brilliance is  Artsy by Kimberly New York Artsy combines the fragrances of  crushed violet and sandalwood sublimely melded into red candied apple and marshmallow fluff. For the man who has everything try Maury Black: Fine Parfume Cologne for Men: This robust cologne is classy and compelling as it combines french vanilla, spices, sandalwood, lavender,and cotton. The number one seller for millennial men this year that you can find  in Macy’s is definitely Sauvage by Dior… although it still has the strong traditional notes of Bergamot, Sichuan Pepper, Lavender, its the addition of tantalizing spices like the warm oriental tones of Star Anise, Nutmeg, and Papua Vanilla that make this fragrance rise above the rest

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