Six million of the 7 million people who took up gardening in 2017 were millennials, in every major city and suburb it seems tiny rooftop and backyard gardens are popping up. But its fresh herb gardens, mostly indoors and houseplants that are the most popular gardening trends 2016 National Gardening Report. Indoor vegetable gardens are next in line for popularity with millennials for the advantages of economics, sustainability, and even home beautification. he most popular among the edibles are basil, oregano, tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, lemongrass, garlic,lettuce and spinach. Garden Media Group’s 2017 Trends Reports, indoor food gardening ranks as the fastest-growing trend in the horticulture business. Technology is making indoor gardening easier and more successful, with tools like hydroponic “water boxes” and “grow towers” food can be grown in indoor spaces without sunshine or soil.

Plants like pothos, Swiss cheese plants (monstera deliciosa), and fiddle-leaf figs (ficus lyrata) are popular for their ability to improve air quality. Medicinal plants like aloe vera (skin conditions burns), peppermint (colic,breath), thyme (asthma,bronchitis,heartburn) lemon balm (tension headaches,insomnia,nerves), and basil (fever,nausea,constipation) always come in handy. The technologically obsessed millennials can get their green thumb jones scratched with hydroponics. Hydroponics uses nutrient-filled water so plants grow faster and hydroponically grown plants are federally recognized as organic. Mexico city is even using vertical farming by its highways to cleanse the air of smog!

Via Verde is a project that is working to convert at least 1,000 grey highway pillars into vertical gardens that can soak up pollution.The gardens are not only beautifying urban spaces, but absorbing CO2. The material used to make the gardens is constructed entirely out of recycled plastic. One Company in the US called The F.A.R.M specializes in helping homeowners and business people succeed in “vertical hydroponic farming” its founder Alaric Overbey spoke with writer Mic Theory of High Soaring Millennials Magazine (HSM) about this growing trend and how his company is meeting the needs of the millennial home gardener. Read the full interview in the New Year 2019 edition of HSM Magazine!

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    • HSM Crew Alaric Overbey

      Wow! Thank you for bringing this to the forefront of the conversation. It is important that we understand that our “urban” market no longer is including us, those who made the term popular. We need to recapture control of our urban markets, and nothing is more essential than the food. People want our “hoods” let’s starting growing up so that they remain ours and we are not pushed to the “sub-urbs”.

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      Love the growing content on your site! from US/Canada…
      Thank you for your time,

      Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • HSM Crew Jeateaday

      Progressive millennials are the future if we want a world of peace and safety without warmongering and starvation and racism or Nazi’s we are the last hope.Thanks for getting the word out millennials are the most important generation ever.

    • HSM Crew Jeateaday

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    • HSM Crew StephenBiz

      Millennials Rock!

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