Spirit airlines is essentially the airbus of the skies so why is it so popular among millennials? Spirit airlines offers the comfortable seating not so much frills in the food selection but who really craves airline food? Spirit Airlines was also the first Wi-Fi enabled Ultra Low cost carrier in the Americas. Spirit has selected Thales for its high-end Ka-band HTS (High Throughput Satellite) system on board the aircraft. According to the airline, “The technology will bring Spirit Guests high-speed web browsing and streaming experiences similar to what they would find at home.”Spirit began rolling out the new service in fall 2018 with full fleet completion by summer 2019. Spirit’s new Wi-Fi product comes on the heels of the airline making significant strides in the realm of customer experience and operations.Spirit also ranks top of the list for friendliest hosts in fact ALL Flight Attendants now attend an inflight Guest Training Program in partnership with Disney University, which will roll out to the airport customer agents.

Spirit Airlines has also invested heavily in technology, including its first ever mobile app. According to Chris Sloan (Airways Magazine). Spirit Airlines is also reaching out to millennials by aggressive marketing with millennial focused media like High Soaring Millennials Magazine and will start their ad campaign with HSM in the November /December 2018 Holiday edition. HSM is the go to resource for those who have the wanderlust and we all know millennials love to travel in fact an eventbrite poll found that 76% of millennials would rather spend money on experiences than on material possessions. They also tend to look for the best deals when traveling. Why Spirit is such a plus is that there are no hidden fees with Spirit you actually get what you pay for and save money to boot!What Spirit lacks in aesthetics (e.g the school bus colored planes) they make up for in service which is efficient and jovial. Flight attendants know there is no champagne being served but they make each passenger feel like they’ve flown first class with their humorous jokes and prompt and polite response to any query.It’s all about perspective, according to Paul Berry, the director of communications, advertising, and branding for the carrier: (Now passengers can get Wi-Fi on each flight) “…but when they see that they can fly to Cancun for $89, suddenly Wi-Fi and mobile isn’t  an issue.” Millennials are driven to great bargains and Spirit Airlines is the best flight bargain in town!

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