Writer Mitchka Herard, a student of Boston University is a person with imagination, intellect, and complexity. A complexity that she shows with stunning impact in her serial comic entitled Euphora. The central characters are a young African American woman in her freshman year at Howard University and her “southern gentleman” (who happens to be the  son of a U.S  Senator) love interest. The rub? Our heroine finds herself blessed with the powers of the 12 zodiac signs…and you thought pledging a sorority was hard?

Herard’s focus is not your average superhero fare, but a focused look at the millennial culture, slang and all and a statement on how young people cope and navigate relationships in what is essentially a time of great social upheaval and changing world dynamics. The art is also unusual as it is very… purple, almost monochromatic with the exception of the text.The artist embraces the  psychology of color as purple represents the stability of blue and the energy of red. Associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic. The illustrator’s name is Gerrell Brown and his IG is “bonesofburied”. Mitchka is currently in the process of creating merchandise and building a website for her growing fanbase.

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