Millennials In Mexico
Millennials are not new to Mexico. despite what the right wing politicos are trying to get North Americans to believe most Mexicans are not flocking to the border in order to get in, and the millennials of Mexico are mainly of the opinion, it would be better to build Mexico, than worry about the USA building a stupid wall. Because to them it IS stupid, as they know what the average Trump voter doesn’t… When Mexicans want to visit the USA they fly in! Millennials decided the vote 2018, representing 40% of the 88 million registered voters as noted by the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE).

The millennial Mexican understands the way to economic empowerment is to empower industry in technological areas rather than the agricultural. Statistically 52% of companies in Mexico say they have not adjusted their talent retention strategies for Millennials due to conservative policies (meaning they are unwilling to change). 18% do not consider it necessary and 15% do not know what changes they could make (source: Hays Mexico). These companies will soon be non existent if they don’t heed the signs of change. Much like the coal industry in the US that refuses to accept renewable energy investment is the new power industry king.

The majority of millennials in Mexico are progressive. They understand that the drug cartels are not supported by Mexico but by US policies that keep the demand and drug prices high for the cartels. They have watched CIA operatives come and go, and make deals while the public suffers, and they’ve realized the key to destroying the cartels is legalization of hemp and marijuana.Widespread legalization in the U.S. is killing Mexico’s marijuana business which funds the purchase of weapons as it is 70% of the cartel profit, and cartel leaders know it. Legalization destroys the cartels and this in turn will stabilize Mexico. There is no need to spend trillions to stop illegals by building a wall, just legalize weed! In fact a robust hemp manufacturing and agriculture base would permanently dismantle the ability of cartels to fund and arm their soldiers.

The Mexican millennials are a generation that watched neighborhoods and friends torn asunder by crime, while their parents worked long hours  so their children could be educated and have an opportunity to create a better life and a better Mexico. Smartphones are a must have and flexible schedules, as well as workplace mobility is a key factor in how millennials choose employment. Almost all millennials in Mexico use social media. The leading social media platforms among mobile social media users in Mexico are Whatsapp (35%), You Tube (33%), and Facebook (29%). Of Mexico’s 121 million 45 million are millennials and in 2018, 79.5 million Mexican users were connected to the web.

The states where the Internet is used the most are Sonora, Quintana Roo, Baja California and Baja California Sur while tourism centers Hermosillo, Cancún, and Mexicali are the most Internet-connected cities. About 6.4 million new millennial voters showed up for the Mexican elections in July 2018, a 64 percent increase over the last presidential election. It really represented the rise of the millennial generation, but many still ask how can Mexicans consider themselves millennials when it is obvious that Mexico has had a very different historical, political, socio-cultural life from that of its northern neighbor. The reason is simply this, technology and information exchange. It is that single factor that defines millennials more than any other. Millennials embody the ability of the common man to expand knowledge and exert influence globally!

The term Millennials is usually considered to apply to individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century but it is not the time, but the accessible technological advances of information exchange representative of that time which defines millennials. Generations tend to have certain characteristics that not only define them but also make them part of history. Millennials naturally acquire skill-sets previous generations took years to learn. technology has exposed global corruption, it enables social justice, and it gives people hope, because it shines a light that doesn’t allow the powerful to hide.

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      If Mexicans have a enough money to fly in, why are so many in to building a wall?

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      Colonial Mexico is always on a Millennial’s radar but millennials in Mexico City are attempting to achieve reform is through social gaming. Coders are collaborating on games that aim to tackle serious social issues ignored by the mainstream media, such as child kidnapping, rape and gender inequality.

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