Millennials are more educated, more racially diverse, less judgmental, more accepting of their peers than any other generation. The fact is
the hope for the future lies with millennials and the time is now. Even though millennials grew up in a confused time; many of them remember a time before the internet, some of us don’t. The millennial culture in and of itself is about freedom. Freedom from debt, freedom from illness caused by bad food and unclean environments, freedom from outdated social mores framed two centuries ago that limit our personal space and well being. Freedom from persecution because of religion, race, salary or even what type of music you listen to. “Millennials are still buying for nostalgia”, some may say, but that is not out of a yearning for the past, but rather a keepsake of a time they know is NEVER coming back, and they are thankful for it. Frankly the past is never as rosy as baby boomers would like to depict it. Leave it To Beaver, Gidget, and Father Knows best were TV shows and the world was never monochromatic or black and white.

Everyone wants to understand millennials, when its so easy IF you pay attention. Millennials are the first generation to call BS with an understanding of how to avoid the backlash for doing so. Millennials have been the driving force behind current shifting consumer trends and those trends are the spear-point of the influence they are exerting on the society as a whole. With access to the world through social media and research portals, lies are spotted, investigated, disproved and debunked within minutes. Presidents and World leaders who don’t understand this are modern examples of the “Emperors New Clothes” they are naked clowns surrounded by a weakening stormfront of hyperbole and propaganda that no one is fooled by anymore. Advertisers must beware that the white hats are watching. wikileaks is not dead, now every Gen Z kid with an iphone IS wikileaks! Millennials are soon to be the nation’s largest living adult generation. When a millennial says they believe the “government should be doing a better job” they are not referring to policies, but to character. Its not that millennials don’t care about anything (as some pundits would proclaim) they care about everything. They also understand the simple lessons of the information age and increased globalization. Everything is connected!

Something the older generations STILL haven’t figured out. There is no safety behind a wall! Its just a bigger prison. Millennials volunteer, baby boomers vote, that was the paradigm of the past. Now millennials vote, but they also make sure the mechanisms for a fair vote are in place, and that doesn’t sit well with the media handlers, and many boomers who continue to blindly trust their elected officials. Politicians’ claims are routinely fact-checked by millennials and most know who is lying before the evening news tries not to report it. Demand for transparency and responsiveness has supplanted millennials’ trust in government (see Snowden, Edward) and that makes the millennial perspective the most feared political movement since the longhairs of the 60’s.

This affects the corporate structure, marketplace, its dynamics and lobbyists as well. Big business understands that millennials will stop purchasing their products from insurance to sunflower butter in a heartbeat, IF they are deemed obsolete, old school, or enemies of the people (see typewriters, peanut butter, and Monsanto). Whole industries are quaking in their boots because of the millennials influence on their respective markets. These include beer (except home brews), bar soap (herbal body wash), napkins (paper towels rule), beepers (iphone) , malls (green spaces) , golf (absent Tiger Woods) even diamonds (no blood on my diamonds please) are losing their value and market share. The trail of millennial destruction is ever expanding and boy does it feel good.

Millennials aren’t seeking  a whole lot of stuff like the Me, Me Me, generation. You can keep what’s behind curtain number three, because no matter how great it is every millennial knows you can expect hidden fees and taxes and increasing debt to go with that big ticket item. Give us cozy and safe, over big and shiny, pamper us with delicious, healthy, and organic, rather than glossy, plastic and 99.9 percent pure. Who wants to purchase live in, wear, or eat something that is any percent sh*t? Millennials are about social justice because helping someone else have a better life assures yours will remain stable. When in history has oppression not turned out bad in the end for the oppressor? for those who still haven’t figured out which way the wind is blowing…The revolution was NOT televised it was podcast!

Bar soap is out, unique & healthy body washes and shampoos are in!

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    • HSM Crew Jeateaday

      This article is so true just recently the CEO of Starkist reported sales were down because millennials are too lazy to open a can.What he neglected to mention is that ouches of tuna are on the rise in sales because they are better for the environment.So I say to Starkist…Nah, canned food lost it’s novelty long time ago, except corn/beans and sweet fruits mostly. Almost every other alternative will taste better for other foods, and i don’t really care about stocking up cans of produce cause they won’t go bad for years, i buy food i will use this week not in a years time.

    • HSM Crew Srevie

      Because… corporate America sucks!

    • HSM Crew Jeateaday

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