Dairy farmers are losing money every time they open the barn doors and milk their cows. Small dairy farms have been disappearing from the rural landscape for a decade as big business takes over the industry.

Essentially small dairy farmers are getting squeezed out by corporate agriculture. companies like Walmart notorious for destroying the economic infrastructure of small communities with cheap Chinese goods, low wages, opposition to home solar while installing rooftop solar on all its stores,secret insurance policies on its employees and now a plan to take over milk processing and production.as reflected in the case of Dean Foods. Dean Foods runs a milk processing plant in Louisville Kentucky  and its biggest client was Walmart. Dean Foods is shutting down plants because Walmart built its own processing plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana, so they can save a few pennies on each carton putting hundreds of families in foreclosure.To date Dean Foods canceled  contracts with over 100 dairy farmers in eight states.

A gallon of whole milk sold regionally for $3.60 in September 2008, when dairy farmers averaged $20.50 payments per 100 pounds, state Milk Marketing Board data show. In 2010, a gallon of milk sold for $3.27 regionally, but the average 100-pound payment to farmers was $18.10 in 2018  There’s simply too much competition in fluid milk out there soy ,hemp, and corporate farms are driving farmers prices down low milk prices and shrinking milk consumption. Even while it seems to the average shopper that the price of milk for the consumer goes up its because of the variety the actuality is 2018 is seeing very depressed milk prices,” now the average 100-pound payment is just under $1.72 a gallon.

Dairy farmers don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and expect to see even more negative profits making 2018 the fifth year straight of milk farm consecutive losses.In the past an option would have  been to send more milk into Canada and Mexico, even overseas, but trade agreements are were ruined by  President Donald Trump who tried re-negotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico,while simultaneously insulting their nations and instead causing an anti American product sentiment to grow. Trump single-handedly cause American ketchup sales to halve in Canada with his tariffs.Dairy farmers aren’t sure who’s “Winning” but it’s definitely NOT them.The growth of alternative milks definitely represents a  threat to the dairy industry, which is reeling from president Donald Trump’s trade war with China and Mexico.

This change is something that many believe can’t be helped because frankly, cows milk consumption has been dropping steadily for years, with overall sales falling over 15 percent in the last decade because Americans are moving on from cows milk. hemp milk has been growing in sales against all other milk substitutes mainly because of it’s health benefits. Unlike soy and almond milk each with its own detrimental effects hemp milk has none! It’s even healthier than cows milk and requires far less money to produce!In 2018 sales of plant-based ‘milk‘ were up 9% to $1.6bn  more recent entrants such as cashew and walnut saw stable gains but again hemp milk doesn’t need a label warning about the possibility of allergic reactions. the largest producers of hemp milk are Good Hemp, Hudson River Foods, Pacific Foods, Milkadamia, Ecomil, and The Fay Farm.

This change is not just occurring in the USA farmers in France have the highest rates of suicide and For many decades, the New Zealand dairy industry has been considered a key backbone to keeping the economy alive. However New Zealand  consumers are forsaking cows milk for other healthier alternatives in record numbers some farmers are now choosing to farm hemp instead of raising animals. According to the New Zealand Herald the Rangitikei-based Welch family have farmed the same land for over 90 years, a business that has run through three generations.The Welch family is currently farming four hectares of hemp, a budding industry in New Zealand.  “In addition to being one of the earliest crops known to humanity and a superfood that trumps the omega-3s of fish, fibre of oats, and iron and protein in steak – hemp is reputable for material use, in fabrics, personal hygiene products, biodegradable “whiteware”, and oil.”

“Tempt Hemp Products pack more ahhhhh per ounce than any other non-dairy product. The seeds provide a superior source of nutrition. Our recipes transform tiny hemp seeds into the creamiest, most refreshing and delicious hempmilk based products on the market. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, all 10 essential amino acids, and omega 3 & 6 “good” fats, Tempt Hemp Products are a delicious way to bring more nutrients into your life. The perfect addition to the plant based diet.”




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