Under the Canada Cannabis Act, you still won’t be able to buy edibles legally – however, you can process or make them yourself! All eyes are on Canada as it prepares to legalize recreational marijuana on the 17th of October, becoming only the second country to do so after Uruguay. Canada can expect to generate billions of dollars in revenue to an emerging industry, generate taxes and create jobs. The US can expect to build more prisons and see the economy fall even further as we move toward a police state. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is making good on his promise of legal sales of  cannabis begin on Oct. 17. Fresh leaf, cannabis oil, live plants and seeds for cultivation will be allowed everything except Edible products which are slated to be legalized later.Canadian millennial entrepreneurs can expect a boom and American companies are vying to be a part of it. In recent months, prominent U.S. pot companies have listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, magazines like High Soaring Millennials are attracting major advertisers who want to reach the mainstream markets of Canada and the US with their healthy dietary confections and snack foods. “Working or having involvement in the legal marijuana industry in U.S. … where it is deemed legal or Canada may affect an individual’s admissibility to the U.S.,” The US Federal Government has threatened to ban Canadians for life who transport marijuana into the country but the Canadian stock market expects its 60 billion dollar trade in cannabis products to rise by 200% in the first year and to bring in an annual revenue of 5 billion dollars to the country! In Canada, more than 100 companies have been given the green light to grow medical marijuana, but initial demand will most likely be beyond the capacity of current suppliers. As for edibles? Companies like Cannabis Care and Sweet Jane can expect to rake in millions from online sales of products like Ganja peanut butter cookies and Canna-pumpkin spice bars.While are nearest neighbors prepare for their economic boom our legislators still haven’t figured out you can’t get high off hemp!

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