His name is John, and her name is Safiyyah they are African American Millennials, and as a family of 7, they’ve gone on exploits, taken some risks, and grew tremendously as a family unit.

John and Safiyyahs stry started several years ago when as a young couple in Connecticut who were doing quite well financially they both decided to visit Africa as they term it the “Motherland” . They fell in love with the place and the people and eventually decided to bring their whole family there to live documenting their journey online on a you tube show called Native Borne” They had many financial problems and thought they would have to give up their dreams but found ways to make ends meet. The following is how their website describes the family.

“Social Influencers John and Safiyyah Christian with their 5 kids are known as the Native Borne Family. In addition to being parents, John is a Hip-Hop soul artist, producer, and speaker. Safiyyah is a striving film producer and author. Their passion is concentrated on family, empowerment, health, and travel. They document their personal growth, life-experiences, and various travel destinations. Their goal is to build professional and personal relationships while engaging in activities and opportunities that will bring them the most joy in life. Every day they strive to create a space that’s inviting, inspirational, motivational and positive.  They share intimate aspects of themselves and their family to help others in a holistic and down-to-earth way.”

Now the Christians have thousands of fans worldwide and 2019 has been hailed by the President of Ghana as the year of return as Ghana has opened its doors to the children of the diaspora globally to return to the land of their ancestor and apply for dual citizenship in Ghana.Because of the large and growing fan base John and Safiyya have launched a consulting service for others who wish to experience Ghana either on vacation, for business or as a place to relocate and begin new lives.You an view their journey on youtube and see the complete series on Patreon.

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