Jungmaven Clothing Founder Robert Jungmann speaks…

Jungmaven is the creation of menswear designer Robert Jungmann who made his initial mark in the mid-2000s with his outdoor apparel line, Manastash, after the company folded undaunted he took his knowledge and in Seattle WA. In 2005 he created the Hemp success story Jungmaven. Hemp processes four times as much carbon dioxide as most trees and requires very little water. In a recent interview Jungman stated “We wanted to show the world that you could make anything with hemp,”

The line is produced in Los Angeles, CA, where indigo and vegetable-dyed hemp is sewn into hoodies and henleys. More than just raw material for comfy lounge wear, hemp is everything for Jungmann, “Here’s a textile that we can wear to enjoy the outdoors and also keep our natural playground alive,” says Jungmann. “In 1993 I was going to college in WA state and had a professor say that we could stop cutting down all of the forests if we started growing and utilizing industrial hemp. “I was an outdoorsy mountain guy—really big on mountain biking and climbing— so I started making rock climbing bags, camelbacks, jackets and pants. I basically made the stuff that I wanted to wear, eventually it caught on and people wanted to wear it.”

Read the complete story in the Annual Hemp Edition of HSM Magazine Sept/Oct 2018! (Photo courtesy of Jungmaven Clothing, Jeff Davies Photographer)

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