Award Winning Poet and TED Talks speaker Chris James Returns to Atlanta
ATLANTA – March 12, 2018 –  “Dear Black People” is a satire choreopoem play that discusses the stereotypes in black culture from the perspective of black people. It’s funny. It’s raw. It’s entertaining. It’s educational. It’s a must see show.

The play is meant to be a mirror to some and a cultural baptism to others. This performance piece has made audiences laugh and learn all at the same time.

Happening March 31st. Two shows in one day; 5pm and 8pm. Doors will open 1 hour prior to start time. Location is Soul Village Atlanta at 1129 Euclid Ave NE. Tickets available at

More about the show

The play is 8 scenes and cast consists of 7 individuals. Some of the most powerful scenes are Turn Up Radio and Attempted Robbery. Turn Up Radio is a scene that explores the lyrics of todays’ music and talks about how we subconsciously dance to and celebrate the perpetuated violence and degrading of women every time we press play.  Attempted Robbery is a scene that shines light on the birth of African Americans’ low self esteem and identity issues. This scene was a result of me seeing and hearing people dislike their blackness; nappy hair, wide noses, plump lips, dark skin. I watched an episode of Tyra Banks show where a black man talked about how he hated being black. I didn’t realize how real this was until a year ago one of twin daughters, Chastity, said to me, “Daddy I wanna be white like Rhyleigh.” She was referring to my mixed daughter who is obviously lighter skin toned. Instead of getting upset I done more research on why even at an early age African American children deal identity issues. Each of the scenes in this play shine light on topics needed to be heard. Questions this play poses: Can you be pro-black and date a non-black person? Do black women who wear weave subconsciously want to be white? What is the solution to black issues that black people alone can execute?

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