Roxane Gay, author of the best-selling Bad Feminist, has penned a new comic series called The Banks. This move may be a validation after the New York Times best-selling author confirmed on Twitter last year that Marvel had canceled Black Panther: World of Wakanda, after publishing only six issues. Her writing was perhaps too “conscious” for them. The comic followed the journey of two lovers Aneka and Ayo, who are former members of the Dora Milaje, the Black Panther’s female security so it was definitely not your average comic fare. But writers like Ms gay and Ta Nehisi Coates are bringing worldwide attention to the black and millennial comic sphere.

Afro punk, Dragon con, Onyxcon, and more festivals and conventions than you can count are experiencing the boom of black afro-futurist fiction and fantasy artists. Considering that the African diaspora is by far the youngest demographic on the planet and millennials, are the most diverse and largest population in the USA this makes sense.

In 2017 Roxane announced she would be working on a secret comic series after the Marvel series was cancelled and it looks to be a finely crafted work. The comic entitled “The Banks” is about three generations of Master Thieves all black women from Chicago and geniuses at what they do…which is basically get rich while righting wrongs and social injustices. Sort of like It takes A Thief meets, The Women of Brewster Place.”Their mantra: “Steal Smart, Right A Wrong.”

The Banks will be one of the titles heading the roster for new comic Publisher TKO which launched this month (December 2018). TKO is to comics what Netflix is to movies they are edgy and give new voices a chance to be heard by releasing every issue of its series immediately instead of monthly. More likely than not their titles will offend the less liberal among us as they tend to be irreverent politically.Other writers on the TKO roster include:Garth Ennis, Jeff Lemire, Natalie Chaldez, Gabriel Walta, Steve Epting, Josh Dysart, Elizabeth Breitweiser, Giulia Brusco, Jordie Bellaire, Andy Belanger, and many more. For those who like to binge read as much as they binge watch Netflix this is your comic goldmine. To put it succinctly, Indie comics breaking through is what its all about!
you can pre-order The Banks from the link below.

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