The millennial woman has a different perspective; she has more education, she is now entering into Forbes 500 corporation becoming executives and gaining access to politics. It stands to reason why she would now travel for the advantages it gives both in experience and economically. Travel offers life lessons that cannot be gained from conversations, books, or social media. The modern woman learns as much from experiencing a culture through its sights, sounds, and inspiration.  Similar to her male predecessors’ experiences during the industrial expansion of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. She is in the boardroom, the golf course, and restaurants where big money deals are brokered.  Her perspective is widened by the knowledge she has garnered through travel.

Travel opens the door to economic opportunities that would be difficult without a face-to-face meeting. It gives one a sense of the corporate culture and political leanings of a potential partner. Isolationism is the antithesis of a sound global marketplace strategy. A millennial’s perspective is one of social and economic responsibility, and to be engaged in that, one must have some skin in the game.

One would visit the United Kingdom for education because the European education system is not only superior but far less expensive than the USA, and in some cases, free of charge. India would be a destination to go if you had a serious medical condition that warranted surgery. Case-in-point, a $100,000/US heart procedure would cost less than $10,000 in India. When visiting Australia, you will find their greatest real estate is an expansion on the coast. This leads to many opportunities for property investment.

In summary, travel is no longer an option based solely on pleasure seeking; it is a tool to expand your perception, opportunity and economic leverage.  The importance of travel for the Millennial Women could not be overstated.  It is this access which no other generation of women has ever had that is opening the door to true gender equality and economic parity.

As always, Enjoy your Journey of Soaring High!

Lynda Blake


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