The Loft Life
Urban Living in factory spaces with pipes, exposed bricks and remnants of a manufacturing capacity is all the rage.  Ancient architecture combined with new tech is almost Whovian in appeal. But no alien Dr.s are seeking these living spaces just High Soaring Millennials.

If you are lucky enough to find an affordable loft preferably not too much of a fixer upper with good heat and ventilation you are indeed a fortunate being.Most mixed-use buildings in a major metropolis have a high lease rate so it becomes difficult for retailers to rent out spaces. Its best to seek out buildings built in areas ready for fully engaged live/work “walkable” urban living. close to transportation, access to markets streetlights parking (unless you Lyft/Uber everywhere)and proximity to main thoroughfares is a must. For cities like New York,Boston, Miami, and Milwaukee Loft-style spaces have become a mainstream way of life, as architects and developers realized how easily and affordably a loft space could be transformed into a modern epitomy of luxury.

Urban smart spaces around 400-500 square feet, are rising in popularity as millennials seek the best locations, prices, and amenities. In Boston brick walls, steel-framed windows, and antiqued-wood ceiling beams are all the rage coupled with stainless steel kitchens and hardwood floors the aesthetic appeal can’t be denied. European kitchens and rooftop space is the allure for southerners who want to entertain on those warm summer nights. for the midwest the call is for garden decks and fire-pits to grill and chill with a cold home-brew after work. If Denver or another cold spot is more your cup of tea the median price range is from $1200-$5,000 coveted addresses being Market St Denver Proper, Ironton in Aurora and Ohio Ave, Lakewood.If you do choose locations with heavy winters remember Blinds and heavy curtains are a simple but effective,way to keep the loft avacado toasty in winter and net-flickin’ chill in summer!

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