White population in America is too low too replace itself. Despite the ire at immigration statistical studies overwhelmingly show overall white population has not been growing in the US for over a decade or more. The U.S. Census Bureau points to two noteworthy milestones about the nation’s increasingly aging white and growing diverse population. First, for the first time since the Census Bureau has released these annual statistics, they show an absolute decline in the nation’s white population.the new numbers show that for the first time there are more children who are minorities than who are white, at every age from zero to 13. This means we are on the cusp of seeing the first minority white generation, born in 2007 and later, which many have dubbed Generation “Z.” This is indicative of a general aging of the white population, which means proportionately fewer white women in their childbearing years than people of color, and an excess of deaths over white births (a natural decrease and rises in drug addictions especially opioids).

The recent downsizing of the white population also reflects post-recession-related fertility declines in the white population globally, leading to an inflation of white natural decrease. The past year also showed a downturn in white immigration as Canada, Astralia,Japan,Korea,Singapore,and all European nations are also in the midst of a decline. A milestone in South America is that for the first time in Brazil in 2018 the black population became larger than the white. “White” as a term for a race of people was created in America. Most immigrants who arrived from Europe had to go to court to get the right to call themselves white beginning with the ethnic Armenians (like the Kardashians)On Christmas Eve 1909, four Ottoman-born Armenian men received the gift of whiteness from a circuit judge in Boston.Judge Francis C. Lowell bestowed upon Armenians the juridical distinction of whiteness for the first time .A few months later, Congress codified Lowell’s decision, decreeing that Armenians, along with Assyrians and Jews, were exceptions to the rule that so-called “Asiatics” were ineligible for naturalization.Along with scientific racism, “popular knowledge” was often used as a justification for including or excluding people from the elusive racial category, especially in the early twentieth century.This means if you can get enough people to think you are white you can sue to be legally white!

30 years later Albanian immigrants were able to incorporate themselves into Italian businesses and neighborhoods in 1960s New York City because of shared culture, history, and racial backgrounds. Albanians were also able to leverage these shared narratives to identify as racially White in a time when Italian business owners felt threatened by non-Whites’ increased presence. many other groups had to work toward whiteness this includes the Irish who came to America in the eighteenth century, fleeing a homeland under foreign occupation and a caste system that regarded them as the lowest form of humanity. Irish immigrants achieved acceptance among an initially hostile population only by proving that they could be more brutal in their oppression of African Americans than the nativists. James Baldwin once wrote… “No one was white before he/she came to America” In the book “We Weren’t Always White: Race and Ethnicity in Italian/American Literature” Author Fred Gardaphe points out ” “Parallels between the African American and Italian American experiences are numerous, in the early twentieth century, Italians were racialized as the ‘Chinese of Europe’ in many lands. But in the U. S. their racialization was pronounced as many were more likely to connect Italians with Africans” Italians are afforded the ability to be both white and another racial group simultaneously!

The decision in favor of the plaintiff in “Scelsa v. the City University of New York” solidified the position of Italian Americans as “inbetween people,”as people capable of substantiating discrimination claims, at least in the state of New York, and as people able to take advantage of the privileges offered to whites. But regardless of historical racism there remains the fact that at some point, Italian Americans became white. Many felt that their culture, language, food, songs,music, identity, was a small price to pay for entering American mainstream. they could keep these good Italian things in private and become ‘white’ in public. Greek cohorts who may feel ‘white’ should be reminded that Greeks as well were not considered ‘white’ for a long time. Because of the history of Greek civilization as one of multiculturalism and strong trade and philosophical ties to Africa (especially Kemet) Greeks were seen as ‘semi-coloured’ and were prohibited, later restricted, from entry to USA, Canada and Australia.The 1901 Immigration Restriction Act considered those from the south east of Europe, Middle East, Levant, and Eurasia as ‘undesirable’ especially in Australia that was in the midst of corralling and sterilizing its indigenous peoples.

Anti-Greek riots broke out in Perth in 1915 and in Kalgoorlie in 1916, and later in the 1930s again in Kalgoorlie, resulting in deaths.In the US The Omaha Daily News wrote: “They have insulted women … Greeks are a menace to the American labouring man − just as the Japs, Italians, and other similar labourers are.”The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) formed in the 1920s as a direct response to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), after the 1919 anti-Greek riots in Omaha. In 1918, thousands of Toronto citizens went “hunting Greeks” as they destroyed downtown Greek businesses, and by 1922 the Greek-language press routinely featured reports on Klan anti-Greek violence in the USA.
Bootlegging, gambling, the hiring of African Americans in Greek shops cemented the Greeks’ color in the minds of White Anglo Saxon Protestants. Through AHEPA Greeks could ‘whiten’ and de-Hellenise, by reinventing themselves according to the Germanic and Anglo eugenic-inspired views of ancient Hellenic whiteness − a mythology based on European archeologists’ findings of bleached white marble statues. Italians, Jews and Greeks were routinely beaten, raped, stabbed, whipped and lynched. The largest mass lynching in the US was in 1891 of 11 Italians in New Orleans accused of killing a policeman.

The burning of Smyrna ignited the slaughter of more than 150,000 Greeks and Armenians and the final expulsion of over one million Hellenic Greeks. Since 1944, Arabs have been deemed white by law. Many Arabs still embrace and defend that status today. However, the US Census Bureau has proposed a new stand-alone classification – “Middle East or North African [MENA]” – which if adopted on the 2020 Census, may formally end more than 70 years of formal whiteness! Thus once again Arabs will be non-white in America. A social and political currency like no other, to be white in the US is to be free from the presumption that you are foreign or inferior. Whites are simply “American”, unfettered by the qualified or hyphenated identities compelled upon Asian, African, Latino, or Arab Americans. But what about Mexicans? Many Mexicans would say I’m a bit brown. But in America I’m white. Well that may not be so for much longer.
Whiteness doesn’t just expand to let people in, it can also contract and spit people out. Ultimately, what really defines whiteness is not melanin or nationality – it’s power and one day we could all wake up and find that Brown is the new White!

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