Fashion is that one thing that either unites or divides us for one reason or another. It sets apart or it sets us within. It is how we make our impression onto the world- to fit in or stand out.

Whether its one’s personal style, the quality of item, or brand names, someone always has something to say. The “latest” and ongoing trend which will hopefully instill a new awareness in us all, is asking more questions about what, where, & how are the fabrics and textiles we wear made?

This is not limited to only fabrics, what also is being questioned in the millennial generation is our food, hair and hygiene products etc. We are a generation full of questions. But when it does come to our clothing, how many of us have actually stopped to question where our item, fabric/material comes from. Seriously, how many of us take a moment to look at the manufacturer’s tag?

On a side note I find it sadly interesting that “back in the day” there was a stronger unity among people that fought and made noise for what they believed in and stood for. It seems like in today’s time people seem as though they are down for a cause, but as soon as things gets tough and or it takes too long for any results- people start to lose interest. I say this because if we all stood up to brands, manufacturers, designers etc. we could truly see change and have a positive impact on the things we wear which can affect the environment itself. (Read the complete article in the Annual Hemp & Cannabis Issue of High Soaring Millennials Magazine out September/October 2018)


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