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But Where Will We Live?

A Tale of Gentrification Good Morning, Approximately 4 months ago my parents house caught on fire. My sister (Nishaila Porter age 26) and myself (Nikeala Porter age 27) have...
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The New Face Of Gentrification

Millennials and Gentrification In the past gentrification had a sour racist undertone conjuring visions of lily white suburbanites invading hard won enclaves of urban life,...
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Until Debt Do Us Part!

Until Debt Do Us Part! America is a place where mortgages last longer than marriages. If we look at the palatial residences of the elite shown to us in a thousand reality...
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Millennials Growing The Future

Six million of the 7 million people who took up gardening in 2017 were millennials, in every major city and suburb it seems tiny rooftop and backyard gardens are popping up....
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The Loft Life

The Loft Life Urban Living in factory spaces with pipes, exposed bricks and remnants of a manufacturing capacity is all the rage.  Ancient architecture combined with new tech...
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