Florida’s See Level continues to rise! As Floridians are finally taking their heads out of the sand and facing reality.
“When you elect me governor, you’re going to have a governor who believes in science. Thanks for joining me in the fight to protect Florida’s future…” Andrew Gillum.
Sea Level rise is so real and right now that in South Florida, leaders dissatisfied with Federal and state progress in climate change mitigation planning, forged an alliance to fight the coming rise in sea water. Yet so many on the right want to cling to the myth that climate change has little or no effect on the lives of real people. Luckily Florida has a champion and his name is Andrew Gillum. Although the race is far beyond one issue a huge factor is the fact that Florida’s major cities are sinking! Climate change and rising sea levels are real read IPCC reports, United Nations reports… it’s everywhere,just look around the globe as the Maldives island population is being relocated to Australia and Sri Lanka because of sea level rising, Polynesian islands are rapidly shrinking, it’s absolutely not fake news! In Florida the land developers want to delay the proper consideration of the coming catastrophe they don’t want to lose property values despit the fact NO insurance companies will cover coastal homes anymore without huge deficits for the policy holder. Miami has been called “ground zero” for the problems posed by climate change, a place where rising sea levels threaten its very future existence.the Biscayne aquifer where southeast Florida draws its drinking waterl increasingly suffers from salt-water intrusion with no solution in sight this will cost Florida billions of dollars in water-treatment. In Miami developers building an 80 story skyscraper in Brickell Center, the city’s urban core are in denial that they will lose their shirts because of rising sea levels. According to Risk Center’s Newsletter Most of the buyers for all the new condo units are cash investors from Latin America and South Florida relies almost exclusively on real estate taxes to fund public infrastructure . Gubernatorial nominee for Florida Andrew Gillum made the statement “Climate change is real, it is impacting Floridians directly, and we will not be silenced on the matter. When I’m Governor, we will not just talk about climate change — we will put Floridians to work to make our state more energy independent and resilient and transform our state into the Solar Capital of the United States!” While Trump controlled Energy Dapartment has told it’s employees they are banned from use of the phrase “climate change” Trump even called called the mayor of Tangier Island in Chesapeake to date 66% of the Island has disappeared underwater. to reassure him that the island would be habitable forever and more. Actually, most people will have abandon it in less a decade. Trump also called Gillum “…a stone cold thief” because he was a black man running for office. Tallahassee mayor Gillum’s response “We’re tired of the brand of politics we’ve see—the brand of hatred and division and lies. On November 6th, we have the opportunity to show up, vote for change, and send an unapologetic message that the state of Florida deserves better.” #FLDeservesBetter

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