The Trick Dog. Single Burger with American. The Burger. Cheeseburger. The Parlour Burger. Cheeseburger with Tillamook Cheddar. Oak-Fired Prime Steak Burger. High Soaring Millennials is seeking the best burger in the USA for our Spring 2019 issue. The restaurant will be featured so the thousands of subscriber’s of HSM can get a gander at America’s best. Those who still eat meat that is, but piscaterians, vegans, don’t be shy the contest is open to everyone. Just send your review and a photo to

Is there any food more quintessentially American than the hamburger?Help us highlight the best burgers in America, selecting the most delicious option in each state.  From a burger that uses doughnuts as its bun to one served with “awesome” sauce, we are open to all experiences and challenges known as foodie!

Hamburgers across America in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston will be sampled until we find the best of the best. Who has the best burger chain? HSM will make it our mission to get the definitive ranking. Our millennial burger list is based strictly on price, convenience, and of course, taste. Send your submissions before February 14th 2019, and help us make BURGER HISTORY!


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