Few millennials would argue that the essence of Fascism is essentially cowardice, they are bullies unable to discuss their opinions without insults and rage. They are anxious and anxiety ridden that they cannot compete on an even playing field… The wave of punitiveness against immigrants and the rise of racism and fascism in America is based centrally on the fear and cowardice of the fringe Alt right. Many neo fascists meet online in chatrooms for the alt right or those reflecting their feelings of being attacked. In fact a majority of these (usually white male) young fascists see the rise in the stature of women and minorities as an attack on their imagined superiority. Many of these loners are often stifled emotionally they are uneducated,  and unable to recognize false narratives. Most seem to be terrible at relating in a healthy way with women, and have a seemingly homoerotic fixation with historic figures of hate like Robert E. Lee, Mussolini, and Adolph Hitler.The FBI tracks thousands of conversations online where many of these socially sick people discuss bombing synagogues,churches,schools, and how to purchase firearms that can do the most damage to crowds. Another distinctive characteristic of these people is that they focus on “soft” targets, schoolchildren,women, and girls, places of worship,clinics, or the elderly.

They are essentially cowards who would never face someone who might fight back against  their sick hatred. Sadly it is rhetoric like that of president Donald Trump that gives these pariahs of society the idea they are correct in their warped thinking. Many talk online about building a “Fourth Reich” without an inkling of understanding that if they had been in Nazi Germany during the second world war, many of them would have been considered unacceptable and been the first to the concentration camps. Hitler’s Germany espoused euthanasia for the mentally ill,disabled,elderly (let’s face it a majority of the disaffected white males are over 55) and wanted to make those who were of mixed heritage (Mischlings) a permanent slave cast to the “pure Aryan stock”(which of course does not exist) racial purity is a myth so anyone was potentially a target if they stepped out of line. Our disaffected youth are targeted as well by online fascists organizations. They seek out the fragile among white American teens, male and female.They invoke a narrative that their lives are not perfect because someone is taking away their opportunity or stealing their birthrights.

They weave a utopian fantasy of an all white, Christian world that will allow them to have power, love and respect and all they have to do is hate the other 90% of the people on earth. After civil rights lawyer Michelle Alexander published her book The New Jim Crow in 2010 on our dehumanizing system of incarceration, she ignited a national conversation about justice in America and sparked a movement. The fascist youth in America are just pawns the same as Hitler youth and brownshirts were. Only this time they face another side of the coin called Antifa (Anti-fascists) “a conglomeration of left wing autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist militant groups in the United States.The problem is they embrace fascists tactics to fight fascism! The principal feature of antifa groups is their use of direct action, harassing those whom they deem to be fascists, racists and right wing extremists.” Online battles between fascist far right groups and “Antifa” – are now regularly spilling out onto the streets of America. Like the fascist movement the Antifa movement has a disregard for any reasonable debate. “Antifa combines radical left-wing and anarchist politics, revulsion at racists, sexists, homophobes, anti-Semites, and Islamophobes, with the international anti-fascist culture of taking the streets and physically confronting the “brownshirts” of white supremacy, whoever they may be.” Rather than the protection of communities this is a recipe for burning them down a tactic that didn’t work in the 60’s for the civil rights movement. Not all anti-fascisms are the same, but the essential feature is that anti-fascism does not tolerate fascism; it would give it no platform for debate. The media at large may ignore the ground-swelling of these two movements but rest assured just because it is ignored does not mean the battle of these two fronts will not be engaged. (Read More in upcoming article Neo Fascism: A Sickness Festers in America)

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